Account, Sign Up & Access

Q: Can I still sign up for the Free Trial after 1st November 2017?

A: Yes, from 1st November 2017 onwards, customers can still register for a 7-day trial.

Q: How do I create an account? Why must I make a Trial Account to subscribe?

A: We require that all customers first register their details by creating a Trial Account. Due to the complexity of our platform and the fact that we do not offer refunds, we strongly encourage that all customers experience our products first hand before committing to a subscription. If you already have a Trial Account or once you are ready to subscribe, kindly refer to the 'Payment' section of our FAQ or visit the Subscription page of our website for more subscription instructions.

Q: What are the password requirements?

A: Password must be at least 8 characters long including 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 number, e.g. Abcd1234

Q: What if I forget my password or user ID?

A: Kindly contact us at info@dynaquest.com.my with your details and we can either retrieve your user ID or reset your password for you.

Q: I have not received a verification email after sign-up.

A: Kindly check your Spam/Junk folder. If you still have not received the verification email, please contact us and we will manually unlock your account for you. This could occur in rare situations where some email providers blocked the server IP (identity) of our datacentre provider.

Q: Can I use the same email to register for more than one account?

A: No, one email may only be used to register one account. For those that created multiple trial accounts during early access, kindly inform us which account you wish to keep and we will deactivate the others.

Q: Can I access the platform using my mobile phone or tablet? Or must I access the platform with a computer?

A: The platform can be accessed on phones and tablets but optimisation on mobile devices is still being improved.

Q: How many devices can I use to access the platform?

A: You may only log in with one device at a time. For example, if you are accessing the platform with your phone and you then log in with your desktop, you will be logged out from your phone. This is to prevent sharing of accounts which is strictly against our terms and conditions.

Q: Do I have to login to the platform from Dynaquest’s website, www.dynaquest.com.my?

A: No, you may access the platform directly at dqinfo.dynaquest.com.my. The website and platform are hosted separately.

Q: Why is the Ranking blurred during trial?

A: The Ranking comprises 60 companies at a time, while the trial only grants access to the 24 selected trial companies. Hence we have disabled this function for the trial.

Q: [MD + STOCKBASE package] Why am I unable to access the ‘Outlook’, ‘Critical Stock Info’, ‘Financial’ and ‘Interim P&L’ tabs? (“Updates are currently in process. Please try again later.” error message)

A: This error occurs when a company is currently being updated by the analyst. Kindly check back shortly. If the problem persists, please get in touch with us.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Online banking, credit/debit card, e-wallet and Paypal are accepted. Kindly note payment is done via our payment partner, iPay88.

Q: Do you offer refunds? What if I decide to discontinue the subscription?

A: We do not offer refunds. However, we offer a free 7-day trial for customers to test our platform before committing to a subscription. If you are having any issues during your subscription or trial, kindly contact us and we will try our best to resolve them.

Q: Do I pay the subscription fee on a monthly basis?

A: No, we currently offer 1-year or 2-year subscription options with payment upfront.

Q: Will I get a reminder before the expiration of my subscription?

A: Yes, we will send out reminder emails 60 days and 30 days before your subscription expires.

Q: Can I change my package during my subscription period?

A: You may upgrade your MD subscription to the STOCKBASE package (same duration only, i.e. 1-year MD to 1-year STOCKBASE; 2-year MD to 2-year STOCKBASE), the difference in costs will be prorated for your remaining subscription period. However, subscribers are not allowed to downgrade from the STOCKBASE package to the MD-only package. Once your current subscription is expired, you may choose a new package and a new package duration.

Q: How do I convert my trial to a subscription (MD or MD + STOCKBASE)?

A: Kindly log in to the platform with your user ID and password at dqinfo.dynaquest.com.my and access the Subscription page from the left-side navigation bar. Please select the package you wish to subscribe to and your account will be activated once payment is complete. If you are using online banking, kindly complete the payment process before closing the pop-up tab to ensure the transaction is successful.

Q: After selecting my package and pressing 'Confirm', it keeps loading and nothing happens.

A: Kindly disable any pop-up blockers or change your settings to allow pop-ups from our website. If you are still having issues, kindly contact us directly.

Products and Features

Q: Do you offer stock recommendations?

A: A reply from Dynaquest’s Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Neoh Soon Kean:

There are three reasons for not doing so.

First, our Online Investment Platform is a “concentrator” and “provider of distilled and standardised information” from the PLC’s. It is meant to be used by investors who know enough about investment to want to make their own decisions but find it difficult to obtain information in an easily accessible and useable format. We created this Platform primarily with this purpose in mind. Every investor has his/her own requirements with regards to investment. Some prefer riskier stocks while other may prefer high yield stocks. It would not be possible to provide a “one size fits all” investment answer for every user of our Platform.

Second, the Securities Commission deems that providing “BUY” or “SELL” advice on a publication as giving investment advice. The compliance requirement for giving public investment advice is very onerous and we prefer that our Investment Platform does not fall into that category. Investors may then ask: “Why is it that the research department/subsidiary of investment banks and similar organisations can provide such recommendations?” The simple answer to that question is that the average investment research house may cover 50 or so PLC’s and sometimes on an ad hoc basis only. We cover 500 PLC’s continuously with regular updates (at least 4 times a year). It would not be possible for us to meet the compliance requirement on such a huge universe of PLC’s.

Last, even if we pre-suppose that it is possible for us to provide a number of “one size fits all” BUY recommendations and our advice is fully taken in by the investment public; if our advice is of any use, the prices of the recommended shares would instantly shoot up. Unless an investor is among the very first to notice a particular recommendation, the stock price would have shot upward, negating the usefulness of the recommendation.

Q: What are the main differences between the MD and MD + STOCKBASE packages?

A: Kindly use our free trial and you will notice that for every company, our data and information is organised into 8 main tabs. The MD only grants access to the Info tab and the Stats tab as well as the Screener and Ranking tools. The STOCKBASE package would unlock all other tabs, namely ‘Segment & Corporate Structure’, ‘Latest Development’, ‘Outlook’, ‘Critical Stock Info’, ‘Financial’ (which includes Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Financial Ratios) and ‘Interim Profit & Loss’.

In addition, the MD only grants access to the relevant parts of our Glossary while the STOCKBASE grants complete access to the full Glossary.

Q: Do you have a guide for the terms and ratios on the platform?

A: Yes. We have a detailed Glossary accessible from the left-side navigation bar, under Tools. The Glossary was personally written by Dr. Neoh and includes explanations on the importance of certain ratios as well as how to properly use them.

Q: Do you explain the terms in the financial statements under the Financial tab?

A: To directly access the relevant part of the Glossary, you may press the blue-highlighted header e.g. “STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION”. You may also use the left-side navigation bar to access the Glossary any time.

Q: How regularly do you update the platform?

A: Prices are updated daily (closing price). For release of financial results, capitalisation changes and significant developments, we aim to provide our updates within a month. This will be faster for capitalisation changes or corporate developments while financial results will take longer.

Q: Can I save the stocks that I am interested in?

A: Yes, you may click the star on the top left corner to add a company to your ‘Favourite’ list.

Q: Do I get any notifications if there are any updates to my ‘Favourite’ stocks?

A: We are currently in the midst of developing this feature.

Q: Do you have a search function for finding particular stocks?

A: Yes, there is a search button on the left-side navigation bar. You may also search for companies by alphabet in the Tier Listing. If you are searching for new companies to invest in, we recommend trying our Screener tool to set your own metrics and criteria to identify stocks suitable for your investing requirements.

Kindly note that the search function is not available for the trial. The Screener is available during the trial but limited to the trial companies only.

Q: Do you have a Chinese version?

A: We are currently developing a Chinese version of the platform and expect it to be ready in the coming months. However, kindly note that sections written by analysts, including the write-ups in Outlook tab, Background in Info tab and any Latest Developments would remain in English. We will provide more information once the details are finalised closer to release. Please keep an eye on our website for any updates.

Q: Can Dynaquest add X feature to the platform/website?

A: We are always happy to receive your feedback. Kindly call or email us with your comments/questions and we will do our best to incorporate your suggestions.


Q: Is Dr. Neoh’s book, Stock Market Investment in Singapore and Malaysia available for purchase?

A: We are unable to advise on where to buy Dr. Neoh’s Stock Market Investment in Singapore and Malaysia. The book is no longer in print and the original publisher, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd has ceased operations. However we are currently looking into the possibility of digitising the book. Any updates will be announced on our website.