1. What is Dynaquest (DQ)?

DQ is well known as the pioneer Malaysian investment analysis firm which has been featured by both ASIAN BUSINESS and ASIAWEEK. DQ holds the first ever corporate investment advisor's licence issued by the Malaysian Government. It was founded by Dr. Neoh Soon Kean, the widely read investment and economic columnist and writer of the best selling "Stock Market Investment in Malaysia and Singapore".

The research/publishing side of DQ has grown steadily since its establishment in 1986. Currently, there are 11 financial analysts and 6 of them have served more than 20 years. It is generally acknowledged to be the largest independent investment research house in the country.

2. What can I get from Dynaquest?

At present, Dynaquest provides two main types of publication. They are as follows:

A) Hardcopy Publications
B) Digital Publication

Please refer to the respective sections for further details.

3. How are your publications different from others?

Our publications are different from others in the following ways:

i). Independent unbiased analysis
ii). Incisive comments from long serving analysts
iii). Full coverage of Bursa Malaysia companies
iv). Systematic regular updates rather than adhoc analysis

4. What other services do you offer?

For large investors, we also offer non-discretionary investment advisory service covering the Malaysia Stock Exchange.