Working Hard & Smart – Investing in the Information Age

Dynaquest's Founder and Executive Chairman, Dr. Neoh Soon Kean, was invited to give a talk at the investor education fair InvestSmart Fest (ISF) 2017, organised by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The talk was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the 14th October 2017. Dr. Neoh shared his opinions about how to access and use information under the current investment situation in Malaysia and he also introduced Dynaquest's brand new online investment platform. Please find the full transcript of the talk and the presentation slides used below.

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' Tough times ahead, lower your expectations '

GIVEN the 2007/08 global financial crisis, it may sound odd to describe the last 10 years as good times for ­investors. But the reality is that during a financial crisis, the stock market plummets,  uncovering ­attractive stocks and buying opportunities for investors.

However, considering that the forces that have been driving remarkable investment returns over the last decade are weakening, investors may now need to lower their sights on gains in the coming decade.

According to seasoned investor Dr Neoh Soon Kean, the world has come to a period of slower growth than in the last one to two decades, making stock-picking harder than ever.

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Leaving something for the investing public

The Edge: Why have you disappeared from the public eye since 2004?

DR Neoh Soon Kean: There is a danger that if you become a popular writer, your stock picks would be chased after. This could expose you to the danger of being accused of front-running. As the companies that I recommended often did well, certain people said I must be a front-runner. So to avoid all these (accusations), it’s better for me to stay out of the public eye.

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