Investment Advisory Service

Dynaquest provides boutique investment advisory services to a number of large to very large investment institutions including insurance companies, mutual funds and investment companies as well as individuals.
At present Dynaquest provides investment advisory services to portfolios with total market value exceeding RM600 million.



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About Dynaquest

Dynaquest is well known as the pioneer Malaysian Investment analysis firm and holds the first Corporate Investment Advisor’s licence issued by the Malaysian Government in 1990.
It was founded in 1980 by Dr Neoh Soon Kean who holds a BSc Econ from University of London , MBA from Harvard University and PhD from University of Edinburgh.

Meet The Professionals

With our team of eleven (11) financial analysts, it is acknowledged that we are the largest independent investment research house in the country. Among them there are 2 PhD, 4 MBA, 7 Bachelor Degree holders in Finance, Accounting, or Management, 1 BEng (Hons) and 1 CFA. Dynaquest also holds 3 Capital Markets Services Representatives licenses.
We take pride in the fact that it is a very stable company with long service analysts; there are 11 financial analysts and 6 of them have served more than 20 years. Our corps of highly qualified and experienced analysts have developed an unique collective knowledge of the stock market, events, personalities and corporate history. They work from one of the largest collections of company reports, economic and industrial statistics of the country.

Let us help you with our investment expertise.